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No More Dust Cleaning & Polishing Services in Bloemfontein

No More Dust Cleaning Services

Apart from offering the best carpet cleaning services in Bloemfontein, we also offer the following services:

Cleaning Services

Pet hair, insect dander, skin cells, dust, and dirt collect in your home over time, slowly affecting the air quality and causing allergies.Stains can remain long after spills are wiped up. Sometimes, the best solution is to invest in professional cleaning services.

Blinds, carpets, and mattresses are notorious for hiding germs, bacteria and dust-mites. These soft furnishings and decor elements are hard to maintain and difficult to clean to perfection during routine house cleaning duties. Sadly, no matter how well you clean the rest of your home, if microorganisms and dust is embedded in your your blinds, mattresses and carpets, the air quality of your home will be affected.

You can rely on No More Dust Cleaning Services in Bloemfontein to professionally clean your home, office, or car with a focus on those specific areas that require the most attention. Contact us now for all your cleaning needs.

Polishing Services

Tired of dull, sticky, and grimy floors? No More Dust offers professional deep-cleaning and polishing services for tiles and wooden floors.

Help your family and visitors feel safe in your home.

Few things make a home or office environment appear as beautiful as clean floors. It tends to exude warmth and positive energy. When someone enters your home and sees your clean, perfectly shiny polished wooden or tiled floors, they will feel safe from dirt and bacteria. Additionally, well-maintained floors will add value to your property.

At No More Dust, we value you and your property, which is why our professionally trained cleaners take care to leave your floors cleaner and more shiny than ever before. Each project is owner-supervised to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Get in touch with No More Dust today to learn more about our tile and wooden floor polishing services in Bloemfontein.

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